30 Pics Of People Who Don’t Prioritize Safety, As If They’re Immortal

This online community titled r/OSHA is a subreddit dedicated to sharing photos that are reminding people to stay safe at work.

1. Look At The Mama Forklift Holding The Little One!

terrible safety workelscotto80

2. The Sign I Keep On My Workbench


3. I Took This Call Yesterday

terrible safety workBeorbin

4. Safety 3rd!

terrible safety workreddit.com

5. ‘Bugger’


6. Hello I’d Like To Change A Lamp

terrible safety workth2ndchmst

7. All Good. She’ll Hold, Now Back To Work

terrible safety workBrowndog888

8. No, I Do Not Need To Secure The Load, I Will Unload It Soon

terrible safety work


9. Happened A Few Years Back, Supervisor Of These Guys Said He Had Done This Technique For Years

terrible safety workAdmCake

10. Installing An Air-Conditioning Unit

terrible safety workreddit.com