30 Adorable Pics Of Missing Dogs Returning To Their Homes

11. My Neighbor Found His Lost Dog

missing dogsjacobo

12. A Family In My Town Had Their Truck Stolen Last Week With Their Dog Inside. Today The Truck Was Recovered And The Dog Got To Reunite With His Family


13. After 54 Days Missing From The Tornado That Leveled Our Home On March 3rd We Have Been Reunited With Our Dog Bella

missing dogsEric Johnson

14. Lost Our Girl In An Unfamiliar Town For 2 Days. This Is How We Spent The Rest Of The Day After Being Reunited


15. Never Ever Lose Hope. I Didn’t And After 4 Years Apart In Different Provinces, We Are Together Again


16. After 20 Long Months Of Being In The Tahoe National Forest, Murphy Has Come Home

Erin Rotondi Braun

17. This Sweet Doggo’s Face After Being Reunited With His Dad After 7 Months

missing dogs returnMissVictoriaE

18. Zoe Returns Home After Being Lost In The Woods For Nearly A Year

Rebecca Lynn Curlew,Rebecca Lynn Curlew

19. Lost For 6 Years, Alex Is Reunited With His Family

missing dogs returnYOUR Humane Society SPCA

20. Today He Was Attacked On A Walk By A Pit Bull And Bulldog. During The Attack He Slipped Out Of His Collar And Ran Away

missing dogs returnrocker285