30 Wholesome Pics Of Kids With Dogs

This wholesome list includes adorable photos of kids with dogs. These cute pics will brighten your day!

1. 8 Months Ago, Our Son Got A Support Dog. Our Son Was Mostly Wheelchair Dependent. We Hoped His Dog Would Help Him Grow Stronger. I Think We Can Conclude That Together They Succeeded

dogs with kids

2. A Baby And His Dog

dogs with kidsromulao

3. I Volunteer For A Dog Rescue, We Love Seeing Updates Of The Dogs In Their New Homes. This One Made Me Smile

dogs with kidsMeems138

4. My Son Has Autism And One Of His Unique Trait, Is His Need For Physical Contact At All Times. Barb Came Into Our Lives And Elected Herself To The Position Of Weighted Blanket & Bodyguard

dogs with kidsSmrtGrl86

5. Two Street Children, With Barely Enough Money To Afford Slippers, Bandage An Injured Puppy

dogs with kidsImamofpeace

6. We Told Lincoln To Watch Some Youtube Videos On How To Train His Puppy

dogs with kidsDaniel Ball

7.And I Never Thought That 17 Years Later, My Best Friend Would Live To Meet My First Child

dogs with kidsPhysical_Boss3285

8. So, Cassidy (My Daughter) Was Snuggling Elsa (Our Rescue Pup) Under Her Hoodie. I Walked Into The Room And Asked “Where’s Elsa?” Well, Elsa Tried To Get To Me

dogs with kids


9.Their Dog Hasn’t Eaten Well Since They Brought Their Baby Home – Dog Kept Taking Food Into The Living Room And Leaving It There

dogs with kidsxianaa

10. A Sleeping Baby, Dog, And Cat. I Think I Win The Internet High Score

dogs with kidsreddit.com