30 Adorable Pics Of Missing Dogs Returning To Their Homes

21. She Ran Away For A Day. This Is Her Back Home Now


22. My Friend’s Dog Was Lost For The Last 30 Hours, But They Finally Found Her! This Is What The Reunion Looked Like


23. Dog Reunites With Its Owners After Three Years


24. After 13 Days Lost, My Stepfather Left His Coat Out Where She Was Last Seen. At Sunrise, She Was Found Sleeping On It. Welcome Home, Emma Lee


25. My Friend Found His Lost Dog After 2 Days Apart. First Pic Of Them Reunited


26. Lost My Hound Puppy In The Wilderness After She Was Startled. Found Her Safe 24 Hours Later


27. Missing Dog Duke Reunited With His Owner After 8 Long Years

Miami Herald

28. We Got Him. I’m Speechless. Shaking. Emotional


29. My Friend Found Her Dog After Being Lost For 3 Days. I Think She Was Glad To Have Her Human Back


30. After 6 Years Away From Family, Corky Returns Home

Humane Society of North Texas