30 Adorable Pics Of Missing Dogs Returning To Their Homes

Here is an adorable list of showing missing dogs returning to their homes. Take a look at these heartwarming happy endings.

1. A Fearless Goat-Herding Dog Called Odin Refused To Abandon His Flock Of Goats During Deadly California Wildfires In 2017, While His Owners Ran To Safety. Days Later His Family Returned To Their Destroyed Home And Found Him And The Goats Still Alive

missing dogsRoland Tembo Hendel

2. My Dog Ran Away, After Hours Of Looking I Came Home To This

missing dogsCowdimples31

3. This Is Zeus

missing dogsdog_rates

4. Dog Missing For Over Two Weeks Reunited With Owner At The City Of Jackson Animal Shelter

missing dogsJackson Friends of the Animal Shelter

5. My Dog Brought Home A Friend. Turns Out It Is My Neighbors Golden Who Has Been Missing For 2 Weeks


6. Twixx Has Been Missing 2 Years, And His Owner Thought He Was Dead, But Thanks To A Microchip They Reunited. Happy Tails Twixx

missing dogsmcacshelter,THELindaHarmon

7. The Sweetest Reunion

missing dogsapril.elizabeth.140

8. My Husband Is A FedEx Driver. He Found A Lost Dog Today And Picked Him Up In His Truck. He Rode With Him Until He Was Safely Returned To His Owner

missing dogs


9. A Stranger Drove Two Hours And Used His Drone To Recover Meadow, Who Was Lost In The Woods For 10 Days

missing dogsbutterscotcheggs

10. A Reunion 200 Days In The Making

missing dogswcjcas