30 The Funniest Pics Of Dogs Acting Weird

Our loyal four-legged friends always achieve to smile us. Here is a funny list of photos of dogs acting weird!

1. I Was Trying To Enjoy A Nice Bath, But This Happened


2. Hmmm

Dogs Acting WeirdMeaMaximaCunt

3. So I Walked Into The Great Room And Found My Dog Like This. This Isn’t Staged, She Did This Herself. Clearly She’s Learned From The Master (Me)

Dogs Acting Weirdpantheman75

4. My Friend Works At A Dog Grooming Spa, She Turned Around And Saw This Happening

Dogs Acting Weirdlillion

5. My Friend’s Dog Has A Strange Habit – He Sucks His Foot. This Is A Regular Thing For Him To Do


6. He Thinks He Has To Wait In Line To Get A Treat

Dogs Acting Weirdtornassunder

7. My Friend’s Dog Is Adorably Stupid

Dogs Acting Weirddraggles

8. My Dog Broke

Dogs Acting Weird


9. My Dog, Enjoying The Finer Things In Life

Dogs Acting Weirdcookingncleaning

10. Walk In To Find These Two Trying To Drown Their Brother

Dogs Acting WeirdDJM30w

11. Just Chilling, Dog

Dogs Acting Weirdsheldonpooper

12. My Friend’s Dogs Think They Are Going To The Vet When In Reality They Are Headed To The Park


13. This Is My Dog, Bella. She Climbs Trees


14. My Dog Brought Me Some Dirt Today


15. My Manager Brought His Dog To Work Today. They Sat Like This