40 Times People Share ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things

It’s quite possible to encounter some creative and interesting designs on the streets. People shared ‘mildly interesting’ things that they encountered and here are 40 of them.

Here are our previous ‘mildly interesting’ posts.

1. This Message Stamped On The Squeaker Inside The Stuffed Animal My Dog Just Destroyed

mildly interestingchakalakasp

2. Local Kmart Has A Doll With Down’s Syndrome


3. Our Teacher Had Us Do Word Searches In Asl To Practice Finger Spelling

mildly interestingFirst_Bike_82

4. Cafe I Went To In Indianapolis Is A No-Tipping Establishment


5. I Snapped A Photo Of My Dog Through A Window Screen That Looks Like An Old Painting

mildly interestingPhatWalda

6. My Daughter’s Bicycle Clarifying The Difference Between Austria And Australia


7. My Thai Food Came With A Chork

mildly interestingfinchdog

8. Today In Copenhagen There Was Car Free Sunday


9. I Bought A Tie Today And It Came With A Matching Face Mask

mildly interestingSoviet_Broski

10. The Wear And Scuff-Marks On This Boat Look Like An Island In The Sea