20 Creative And Unusual Designs To Make You Go ‘Wow’!

1. A very peculiar building

Genius Designsavin_timilsina

2. Notched chairs to hold bags

Genius DesignsShattered_Ice

3. Autumn pedestrian crossing in Yekaterinburg, Russia

Genius Designspupsikandr

4. This is how they display headphones at an Apple store

Genius DesignsApple

5. A cowboy hat that’s actually a helmet

Genius DesignsBannybear1

6. A table that optimizes space

Genius Designsoddlysatisfying

7. A bag from a LEGO store

Genius DesignsLego

8. A coffee table inspired by the movie Inception

Genius Designs


9. Python made from car tires

Genius DesignsMama_Ama

10. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, Vol. I to VII

Genius Designs

11. Typographical 3D newspaper ad

Genius Designszimpenfish

12. A sort of stove, sink, and mini-refrigerator hybrid

Genius Designstmc2996

13. A door… poorly made?

Genius DesignsFirehoser

14. “Broken” buildings

Genius DesignsGenius Designs

15. A bookstore’s podium

Genius DesignsJaycatt

16. This olive oil & vinegar dispenser

Genius Designsmanutaust

17. This storage facility

Genius Designs_Atoms_Apple

18. Free WI-FI at McDonald’s

Genius DesignsMcDonald´s

19. This Porsche key fob looks like a Porsche

Genius DesignsPrezedentA

20. A butcher shop’s door handle

Genius Designscheesyduckfat