40 Perfect Examples On How To Ruin A Home

These 40 examples of bad architecture will show you how to ruin a home in a terrible way.

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1. Challenging Physics, Mathematics, Gravity, Engineering, Space, Time, Nasa, Einstein And The Holy Spirit!

homeGaurav Joshi

2. Nope. I Am, However, Impressed That Someone Took This Photo Without Being In It

Allison Beer McKenzie

3. It Looks Like Someone Couldn’t Stop Adding Floors

homeMarina Butkina

4. Home Of Brave

Adrián Navarro

5. This Is So Atrocious That I Just Realized There Are Two Dogs In The Front Yard

homeAlexis Rabinowitz

6. Future Er Visit


7. What Should We Do With All This Space? More Toilets!

homeAllison Beer McKenzie

8. Lack Of Alignment


9. Accident Waiting To Happen


10. Murder Vibes