Little Boy Honors His Fallen Father In The Most Touching Way Possible

When a child loses a parent, it’s always hard.  There is a lot of grieving, anger, denial, and all of the different stages that a family goes to.  The entire community mourned the loss of Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, a beloved community figure and father to nine year old Ethan Vincent.  When this little boy couldn’t handle the loss of his figure, the photographer April Reeves was called in to help show the astounding pride of this little boy. She took inspiring photos of this young boy with his father’s hat and flag, and then (maintaining the dignity of both father and son), photoshopped images of his father into the finished product so that the family could have the combined memories for them for a lifetime.  It makes us all tear up a little and really speaks to the power of a family torn apart by senseless violence and hatred.









Photo credit: April Reeves Photography

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