When They Found This Stray Dog He Had An Injured Paw – Now Watch As He Gets Help


Howl Of A Dog, which is an animal rescue organization based in Romania, discovered a stray puppy that was injured near an industrial complex. At first, members of the organization didn’t realize the dog was injured until they saw him licking one of his paws which had a bloody wound. When they got a closer look at the young puppy, they noticed his tongue was badly cut as well. Apparently, the wound on his paw had a sharp piece of metal or glass still inside of it. So when the dog was licking his wound, it ended up cutting his tongue and causing it to bleed. The rescuers believe the dog originally injured his paw while searching for food around the dangerous industrial area. Fortunately, the dog is fine now after the rescuers took him away from this area. The dog did not even hesitate to jump inside their car after they opened the door for him.

Watch Amigo’s heartwarming rescue story.

What a sweetheart. He clearly wanted nothing more than to be loved!

If you would like to adopt Amigo, then please contact Howl Of A Dog on Facebook. If you want to support their organization by making a life-saving donation, then please do so here.