America’s Got Talent Anna Clendening Fights Depression And Stuns The Judges

Anna Clendening is a young woman who, like many people her age, has battled the effects of depression in her life. It’s a crippling mental illness that can truly wreak havoc on the lives of those who suffer from it, and the people who love them and must endure the pain they go through. Suffering from severe anxiety from a young age, Anna did everything she could to get herself into a better mental state, hoping to find a way to instil some self-belief in her life. Music turned out to be the route to this, as she picked up the guitar and continued to learn and become more skilful playing the instrument, as well as singing. This helped her to battle her way through the depression, and she found herself in a situation she wouldn’t have dreamed of previously – auditioning in front of a massive live audience and four intimidating celebrity judges in TV talent contest America’s Got Talent. It understandably took a lot for Anna to find the confidence to get up on stage, and it was lovely to see presenter Nick Cannon doing his part to help encourage her. The reception she received is truly touching, especially for those who understand what it is like overcoming depression and anxiety.

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