This Poor Puppy Was Close To Death, But Watch His Miraculous Recovery

There are these videos where we all take a look at them and start to cry.  They’re sweet and cute and sad to the point that we feel connected to the animals.  This video is certainly no different and it is sure to get those tears rolling down your face before too long.  So, all you have to do is give your mouse a click and you’ll see it for itself in all of its glory.  The hard part is going to be keeping from crying right from the start.

While we all like to see a happy ending, this is not always how it goes, so it’s important to remember that while this story does have one, not many of them have this.  So, use this video to remind yourself of all of the ones that are lost and remember that fact that we can change it simply be gaining more access to the information that is out there.  This won’t help end the situation for everyone, but it speeds up the efforts so that animal cruelty is soon a thing of the past for all of us that can’t bear the thought of an animal in suffering.