30 Wholesome Acts Of Kindness By Kids

21. Crying In An Uber

kids kindnessDarthLux

22. This Kid Is Going To Places

kids kindnessidk_skylar

23. 14-Year-Old Ridan Al-Mashouly From Sana’a, Yemen Regularly Feeds And Provides Food For A Homeless Special Needs Elderly Man From His Paycheck

kids kindnesssnow.arwabawazir

24. I Am A Teacher. I Am Also Jewish. I Received This Message Today From A Student After My Introductory Lesson On The Holocaust.

kids kindnessshadowdra126

25. My Daughter Said ‘I Love You’ For The First Time Yesterday, Of Course It Was To The Cat


26. Kid Taught Himself To Crochet And Was Able To Master The Craft


27. These Belgian Kids Are Doing A Restoration On The Graves Of WW1 Soldiers


28. Kids Have The Most Wholesome Hearts


29. I Got This Two Years Ago From A Neighborhood Kid, We Still Have A Long Way To Go For LGBTQIA+ Rights


30. 11-Year-Old Chelsea Makes Art Kits For Kids That May Not Have Access To Art Supplies To Teach Them That Art Is A Start To Healing, Expressing Themselves And Communicating