Strangers’ Kindness Is Put To The Test In Anti-Bullying Social Experiment

The below video is an incredibly insightful social experiment conducted on people who were unknowingly being filmed whilst a set of young actors pretend to bully another actor to gauge how people would react in public. UP TV set out to see just how people would react if they saw two young teenagers bullying another girl of a slightly younger age, with the experiment taking place at a public bus top whilst being filmed by hidden cameras. While it is a relief to know the girls involved are acting and following a script, it doesn’t deter from the fact this something that happens every day for children of all ages. Check out the reaction of some of the adults who sit down within a close vicinity of the girls as the hurl abuse at the victim.

Have a look to see just how the people react to the incident in the video. Hopefully it will restore a bit of faith in humanity!