This Online Group Shares The Most Interesting Pics Ever

21. On This Day 40 Years Ago Terry Fox, A 21 Year Old Canadian Who Lost A Leg To Cancer, Began An East To West Cross-Canada Run To Raise Money And Awareness For Cancer Research. He Ran The Equivalent Of A Full Marathon Every Day And Made It 143 Days And 5,373 Km Before He Lost His Battle With Cancer

22. I’ve Been Training Myself How To Draw Photorealistically For A Little While Now. Here’s My Best Sampling From Each Year Of Progress


23. Hanako, A Koi Fish Who Died At The Age Of 226. In 1966, Two Of Her Scales Were Removed And Extensively Studied To Determine Her Age. She Was The Longest Living Koi Fish (C. 1751 – 7 July 1977.)


24. About 100,000 People Take To The Streets Of Warsaw Poland To Oppose Tightened Abortion Law

25. Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geodes. Discovered Yesterday In Artigas, By The Mining Company Uruguay Minerals


26. A Spring That Flows Through A Living Tree

27. Certain Fish Skin Can Be Grafted Onto Burns And Diabetic Wounds. The Material Recruits The Body’s Own Cells And Is Converted Eventually Into Living Tissue


28. This Is What Sunset Looks Like From Space

interesting pics

29. Clouds In Harrodsburg, Kentucky. No Filter

30. Himalayan Griffon Vulture Showing Off Its Fake Eyes