This Online Group Shares The Most Interesting Pics Ever

The ‘Interesting As F***’ subreddit group with 7 million members shares the most interesting pics ever. Take a look at some of these incredible posts!

1. Meet Narnia, A Rare Two-Faced Cat

2. These 3 Jewish Men Arrived In Auschwitz On The Same Day, & Were Tattooed 10 Numbers Apart. 73 Years Later, Sandi Bachom Photographed Them Meeting For The First Time For The Last Eyewitness Project, As Free Men Who Survived To Build Families And Prosperous Lives


3. Turkish Garbage Collectors Open A Library With All Of The Books Citizens Discard In Their Trash

4. A German Circus Is Using Holograms Instead Of Live Animals For A Cruelty-Free Magical Experience. And It’s Cool

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5. 102-Year-Old Beatrice Lumpkin Put On A Face Shield And Gloves And Took Her Ballot To The Mailbox Today. When She Was Born, Women Couldn’t Vote

6. Some Drugstores In The Czech Republic Introduced Shampoo And Shower Gel Filling Machines. Customers Can Refill Their Empty Bottles With Various Products So They Don’t Have To Buy A New One Everytime


7. My Grandpa In Front Of The Plane He Flew In World War II. He Is 97 Now

8. A Bonsai Apple Tree Growing A Full-Sized Apple

9. Biracial Twin Sisters Born To A White Father And A Half-Jamaican Mother

10. Saying Goodbye To A Species, The Very Last Male Northern White Rhino. A Powerful Photo Of 2018