Vallone Dei Mullini Swallowed Whole by Nature

Vallone dei Mullini is an Italian crevasse in Sorrento and is filled with abandoned buildings, like a mill, public wash space, and a sawmill. The crevasse emerged about 35,000 years ago due to a devastating eruption of the Flegreian Plains. The debris accumulation and the constant streams named ”Casarlano” and ”Sant’Antonino” shaped the terrain and made the place perfect for mills. These buildings were built from stone and date back to the Middle Ages.

Vallone Dei Mullini

Vallone Dei Mullini is translated as the ”Valley of the Mills” because of the industrial outfits in the crevasse.

First, flour mills were built in the crevasse, after their success, other industrial outfits like a sawmill and washhouse were established to use the water at the bottom. In time, the buildings were closed and abandoned due to economic shifts and the high humidity of the crevasse. After being abandoned, the buildings yielded to ferns. Vallone Dei Mullini is a clear example of civilization’s defeat against nature and the influence of human intervention in nature.


The crevasse where old mills have been swallowed up by nature gives off a mysterious vibe.

Vallone Dei Mullini
Vallone Dei Mullini