Kids Shaming Their ‘Insane Parents’ Online

21. My Financé Son Used Some Of My Daughters Nail Polish And He Posted It To Twitter

insane parentssamatha1995

22. My Mom Tried Calling Me Multiple Times In Less Than One Minute And Then Threatened To Not Help Me Fix My AC. (What’s Even Funnier Is That They Live With Me So They Wouldn’t Have Ac Either)


23. All Because I Wouldn’t Pay Rent In Advance Because She Spent Her Pay On Endone Like She Asks For Every Week Because Of Drugs


24. My Mum Is Abusing Our Brand New Security System

insane parentsheartrate_

25. Mother Impersonated Me To Bofa To Remove $1500 From My Account Of My Awarded Scholarship Money As Punishment For Her Ex-Husband Not Paying For Her Vacation

insane parentsSulfaPowder

26. My Dad Is Sending Me To Boot Camp This Month Because I Didn’t Get My Hair Cut The Way He Wanted But He Didn’t Tell He How He Wanted It. I Was Sobbing In The Back Off My Work When He Sent Me These Messages

insane parentsTohken_Lordy

27. One Of Many Times My Narcissistic Mother When She Took Her Frustrations Out On Me


28. So I Forgot To Do One Thing While I Was Rushed To Get Out The Door, They Are Apparently Charging Me Money? Also The Second Charge Is Literally Made Up. So She’s Piling On Debt Charges For Things I’m Not Doing Now, And If I Don’t Pay Her I’m Screwed. Feels Like 1700’s British Debt


29. That Guy That Had His Parents Put Up Cameras? Heres Mine. There Are More


30. She’s A Good Mom She Just Has Her Moments