HR Workers Share The Weirdest Things They’ve Seen On The Job


I had to see a video of a guy who s**t himself during work while running to the restroom because his manager wouldn’t let him leave a meeting early… the guy had IBD and the manager knew this, so the video show him running down the hall and literally a few feet from the restrooms, he starts s**tting himself and you see it coming down his leg pant. He looked to be in pain cause he kinda collapsed, and then got back up. People were baffled when they saw this live lol Manager = Fired, so definitely the weirdest s**t I’ve ever seen, literally.




Someone murdered their husband then called the next day from jail and asked our department for bereavement pay.


hr workersSoBreezy74

One of the candidates I was interviewing via Skype

answered the phone while in his boxers and a tank top then stood up to grab his blazer that was probably about 3ft away. I had to see him in his stretched out boxers

Had a adult site up and open during a shared screen trial (to see how well he can use the digital classroom). I had to remind him I can see his screen he goes “oh yeah sorry” next instead of just closing it from the corner of his partially hidden window he clicks open the window in full view THEN closes it

That was nice



Call center employee calls HR to complain about their supervisor: “He’s abusive… he won’t even let me leave my desk.” Supervisor calls HR to complain about employee: “can you please tell ____ that she’s allowed to leave her desk. Oh my god… she’s s***ting in her trashcan!”

It may sound humorous, but there was significant mental issues at the heart of this.


hr workersCanuckleball

Guy came in to the interview in sweatpants and a hoodie, and said he didn’t need the job because of how much money he was making illegally, but he wanted to have a job so the IRS didn’t get suspicious.

Weirdest part is I don’t live in America, I very much doubt the IRS cares about Canadian tax returns.



Got a call from our office in India that staff who supported the night shift were running a brothel from the office. They didn’t know they couldn’t do that.

Still fired. They tried to appeal the decision. Did not work.


hr workerscincyfan04

I worked closely with HR in a call center. You’d get some crazy stuff.

Guy that carried a cooler every day was wiping s**t on random walls and desks. It was his s**t in his cooler. We thought it was his lunch. He got caught when he wiped it on the front desk directly in sight of the camera.

Another guy had a colostomy bag that he refused to empty when it got full. You would find these trails of liquid poo randomly and we had to throw out four chairs that he ruined. He was fired quickly and tried to claim discrimination because he was a veteran.

You’d also get a crazy amount of period stains on chairs. Look, it happens, but when it’s the same few people (and we have free sanitary supplies in the bathroom!) you know they just don’t care.



Midway through an interview, the applicant reached into his briefcase, pulled out a beer, cracked it open, and took a sip. I guess he figured that he was not a good match for this particular job and the interview was over. He then made a bit of small talk and left.


hr workersthedarlingbuttsofmay

I once had a temp job in HR. I was scanning lots of old personnel files, and the one perk of the job was reading old complaints against people. The best one I came across was a mediation caused by one member of staff accusing another of witchcraft.


Worked for a large trucking company. Every employee would get a present on their birthday (in the mail) and their names on the video board (this weeks birthdays are:).

A guy called to ask if his name could not be on the board. Reason : his twin brother murdered his parents and he did not want to be reminded of his birthday