40 Things That Show How South Korea Is Different From Any Other Country

31. This Here Is The Entrance Of The Club Chroma In Seoul, South Korea By MVRDV Architecture, Which Is Said To Be The Largest Nightclub In The World


32. Escalator Sanitizer In South Korea

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33. Self Cleaning Roads In South Korea


34. Cakes Sold In South Korea Usually Come With Free Candles And Matches Hidden In The Plastic Cake Knife

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35. Daegaksa Temple Near Jongmyo Shrine In Seoul


36. Traditional Korean Architecture

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37. Supermarkets In Korea Offer Toilet Paper Samples For You To Test


38. In Korea, They Have Single Person Karaoke Booths On The Train

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39. This Library In Seoul, South Korea


40. Found Totoro On The Side Of The Road

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