Ambuluwawa Tower: Icon of Harmony

Located in Gampola Town, Sri Lanka, Ambuluwawa Tower is a modern structure that is dedicated to the cultural and religious diversity of the country. Sri Lanka has a population of only 22 million which is not that much. However, despite the low number of citizens, it has one of the most diverse societies and demographic charts in the world. In Sri Lanka, there are a considerable number of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. Therefore, the country’s laws recognize the four religions and protect their sanctity under government orders. Moreover, Sri Lanka tries to promote harmony and peace between the members of these religions. Ambuluwawa Tower is a result of this effort.

Ambuluwawa Tower

Ambuluwawa Tower’s construction started in 1997 and ended in 2006. It takes its name from the peak it is on which is nearly 4 kilometers above sea. The tower is 55 meters tall with a white exterior and stairs leading to the top.

Ambuluwawa Tower and hills

The reason why the tower is an icon of harmony is because of its interior and surroundings. Around the tower, there is a Buddhist temple, a Hindu temple, a church, and a mosque. Tourists and worshippers from all over the world and from all religions and sects can visit the tower and pray in their own way.

Ambuluwawa Tower and the forest

Aside from social and cultural diversity, the region is also one of the most diverse places in terms of ecology. One of the most interesting aspects of Ambuluwawa is that it is the only isolated mountain among the central mountains. Therefore, it maintains a climate that is a mixture of Sri Lanka itself which results in the existence of animals and plants that belong to different climates. The hills and peaks are full of these various trees, animals, and plants.

Ambuluwawa Tower inside

This unique place and iconic structure is open to the public and is one of the most popular places in Sri Lanka.

Ambuluwawa Tower interior
the tower exterior
the tower wall and stairs
the tower monument from above