40 Things That Show How South Korea Is Different From Any Other Country

21. “Root Bench” Is A Public Installation By Architect Yong Ju Lee In Hangang Art Park, South Korea

Yong Ju Lee

22. Solar Powered Benches Here In Seoul, South Korea. Complete With USB And Wireless Charging Docks

south koreamacgilla

23. Chips Organized Into A Rainbow In Korea


24. Bukhansan Yesterday

south koreaEvan7117

25. An Old Pine Tree, Daedunsan, South Korea


26. This Ice Lolly I Bought In Korea Has A Little Tray To Prevent It From Melting All Over Your Hands

south koreaR3damnTion

27. I’m Staying In Korea Right Now And Apparently There Is A TV Channel Dedicated To Dogs, As In Programming For Dogs


28. Well, That’s One Way To Encourage People To Use The Stairs

south koreatlease181

29. Every Half Kilometer They Have A Resting Place Made For Pedestrians In This Korean City Ansan


30. This Latte Art From A Cafe In Seoul, South Korea

south korea1way2pray