40 Things That Show How South Korea Is Different From Any Other Country

11. This Sign Is Not For A Cat Crossing. It Means “Caution: Cat Is Around”

south koreaconstructional_HK

12. Starbucks In Seoul Offering Used Coffee Grounds For Gardening


13. Just Received This At My Door! S. Korea Gives Out Food Rations To People In Quarantine

south koreaWarsaw94

14. I Get To Walk Through This Everyday On My Way Home From Work


15. This 2D Café We Visited In Seoul


16. Modern Korea Built Around Historic Korea (Seoul)

south koreawombatwizdom

17. Small Restaurant In The Snow, Seoul, South Korea


18. South Korea Isn’t Joking When Battling Covid-19

south koreakoryodynasty

19. South Korea Puts Traffic Lights On The Ground So That People Who’re Looking At Their Phones Can Still See The Light


20. Korea Is So Beautiful

south koreachen_lu