20 Epic Design Fails We Can’t Believe Actually Happened

11. Psst…

Epic Design FailsKyno50

12. Never Get High On Your Own Supply

Epic Design FailsNeutralMilkHotelisOverated

13. This Is Why You Can’t Put Spelling Questions On A Laptop Test

Epic Design FailsMax_Cunt

14. Female

Epic Design FailsAllohn

15. I’m Not Sure This Health Office Understands This Emoji

Epic Design FailsRedditTossAccount

16. In Honor Of Passover This Weekend

Epic Design Failsjamalabe

17. Turn Me On Yourself

Epic Design FailsSystemOfaPawn

18. My Friend’s Graphic Design Class Has Had This On The Whiteboard As An Example Of “Good Work” For Weeks.

Epic Design Fails


19. Apparently Incest Is Perfectly Fine

Epic Design FailsDursi

20. That’s Amazing

Epic Design FailsTheDigPics