People Shared The Most Stupid Design Fails In Public Places

These 30 fails are the most stupid and interesting design fails that people spotted and had to share.

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1. The Chairs Waiting For You In The Laser Eye Clinic’s Reception

design failsSkiFreeSasquatch

2. “I’m Sure You’re All Wondering Why I’ve Gathered You Here Today”


3. No Words Needed Here

design failsskess345

4. As If Public Toilets Didn’t Give Me Enough Anxiety


5. At First Glance, I Didn’t Recognize This Restaurant Mural As The Sun

design failsSunBlue

6. This Fountain That Looks Like A Perfect Place To Sit Down


7. Gas Station In Nebraska. The Station’s Color Scheme Was Red. They Tried To Get Artsy

design failsaspiecat7

8. No Broken Legs I Know Of


9. Flat Carpet In A Hotel In Cologne, Germany Imitating A Curvy Surface


10. Fake Hope Escalator

design failshayate_ichirou