20 Epic Design Fails We Can’t Believe Actually Happened

1. Can You Beam A Warp Core?

Epic Design FailsThewulasvegas

2. I’d Better Get That Ticket Before It’s Too Late

Epic Design FailsMr4NAs

3. Kansas City Really Lets Tourists Have A Good Time

Epic Design Failstrobsmonkey

4. Signs

Epic Design FailsImpulseValex

5. It’s Pretty Good Advice

Epic Design FailsOrange-Crocs

6. I Present To You The “Graeme Clark Oration Award For Science Innovation”. It’s Supposed To Be Two Hands Peeling Away Layers Of The Earth

Epic Design FailsMr-Klaus

7. This Guy Must Be Feeling Pretty Great On This Ad

Epic Design FailsErickJail

8. …and I Suddenly Felt Like A King

Epic Design Fails


9. Happy Wedding Shower, Jana. Love The Sign!

Epic Design Failsthesmith87

10. Awful Place To Put Streamers

Epic Design FailsMexiAxel