Design Fails That Make Everything Harder

These design fails so badly that everything is harder because of these designs.

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1. “My school locker can’t even fit my backpack because of those shelves.”

design fails© zucclivan / Reddit

2. “We had to stop. We kept mixing our pieces…”

© MaxMustemal / Reddit

3. “I can’t find a way to hold this and not get poked in the face.”

design fails© _ElectricCat / Reddit

4. “To the person that made such a door right in front of a toilet, I have a few questions for you…”

© ValuevaAnastasi / Twitter

5. “That’s how I broke my leg.”

design fails© Dis-Man-8 / Reddit

6. But if you cut an avocado, the film won’t help.

© chunkbardey / Twitter

7. “My keyboard lights up, but you can’t see any letters at night.”

design fails© Zvnkz / Reddit

8. This toilet has a full-length mirror right in front of the urinal.

© Verkhovny / Reddit

9. “The terrible design of my school — this is the place where every hallway intersects.”

design fails© LuigiSaysKachow / Reddit

10. “I’m in room 920. How do I find it?”

© doajones / Reddit

11. “I’ve tripped in the kitchen but never on my way to the kitchen.”

design fails© leeksyota / Reddit

12. You can’t close this window until you go outside.

© kobbystmaria / Reddit

13. “I can’t figure out which way to go.”

design fails© RythenGlyth / Reddit

14. Don’t go too fast in this bike lane.

© RenJHoek / Reddit

15. Another creative design for the bathroom.

design fails© FelixDaKat69 / Reddit