40 Movies That Are Great But So Emotionally Traumatic

31. The Road (2009)

Watched it when it first came out. Loved it. Can’t put myself through it again though. It’s so hard going and heartbreaking.


32. Melancholia (2011)


Really disturbing. Don’t think I’ve ever really gotten over it.

33. Dancer In The Dark (2000)

Amazing performance by Bjork and brutally sad. I bought a copy of the DVD after seeing the movie because I loved it so much. I lent the disc to several friends and looked at it many times myself, but could just never summon the energy to watch it again.


34. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)


Saw the screener with my film class and had no idea what to expect. Needless to say I was completely blown away and have re-watched it quite a few times since.

Jim Carrey’s performance is phenomenal.

35. Midsommar (2019)

I got really invested in it when I was watching it for the first time, and I’ve had an absolute fear of cults since I was a kid. I don’t find the film scary at all, but by the end of it, I was just completely frozen.

I’ve watched it since then cuz I love it but I have to take like months to prepare myself to watch it again lmao


36. Manchester By The Sea (2016)

This movie showed how a man can be fully socially functional while suffering from major depression. That aspect hit me the hardest.


37. The Hunt (2012)

emotionally traumaticWunderbabs

That. F*****g. Movie.

Things it shows:

children should not be exposed to pornography

Children who are being questioned to see if they were abused should only have that questioning done by a specially trained expert and possibly with potentially a trained advocate present because it’s too easy to lead them to a conclusion they think the questioner wants to hear, especially if they think they are in trouble

(note: I edited this due to the several very good points several people said about parents shouldn’t be present, some people are also saying best practice is one on one with that trained forensic questioner.)

basically everyone in that story ended up f****d up

38. Mary And Max (2009)


It’s such a beautiful movie and so damn sad. I’ve recommended it to lots of people but it’s hard to find.

39. Wind River (2017)

I’ve actually put myself through watching this movie multiple times because it’s so good but, wow, traumatizing. For anyone on the fence about it, it does have a satisfying conclusion.


40. Come And See (1985)

emotionally traumaticMimameird

Wonderful movie, but even more devastating than Grave of the Fireflies, in my opinion.