40 Durable Products That Work Forever By ‘Buy It For Life’

31. This Camping Table Set Bought By My Grandparents In The -60s Just Saw Its Fourth Generation Of Users. The Tent Is On Generation Two


32. Frye “Fulton” Leather Boots. Bought In 2010 For $350.00, Worn On Every Date, Family Holiday, And Special Occasion Since. Now, Luck Enough To Wear Them To Work

durable productsMxCmrn

33. 40 Years Of Laundry. My Parents Bought This In 1980 When They First Got Married. It’s Also Live A Life As A Pretend Boat And Turtle Shell When I Was Little. It’s In Great Condition And I’m So Happy To Be Giving It More Life


34. My 1965 Gillette Slim Adjustable – Built Like A Tank!


35. Thrifted From Bulgaria Around 2 Decades Ago. Rail Road Worker Steel Toe Boots. Haven’t Moved An Inch Since The Day I Got Them

durable productsTheVoidWithout

36. Restoring The Wooden Beams Of My House And Found This. (More Like “Buy It For The Next 6 Generations”)


37. My Dad Bought A New Knife After 50 Years

durable productsguitarbldr

38. Any Love For Purdy Paint Brushes? Wash Them Out Well And They’ll Last Decades. I’ve Had This One For 15 Years. It’s Painted Three Apartments


39. The Legendary 90’s Toyota Land Cruiser. 24 Years Old And Only Needs Routine Maintenance


40. Vorwerk Tiger 251. Built In 1982 And Still Sucks Harder Than Your Mother’s

durable productsScatLabs