40 Durable Products That Work Forever By ‘Buy It For Life’

21. GF Gave Me This For My Birthday. I Expect To Be Using It For The Rest Of My Days. French Made, Le Creuset, Enameled Cast Iron Sauce Pan

durable productsSynthdawg_2

22. My Dads Levis Jacket From 1980! I’ve Been Wearing It For About A Year Now


23. My Grandma Gave Me Her Gingher Scissors Today (In The Original Box!), She Used Them For Ages Before She Taught Me To Sew With Them About 15 Years Ago. Beautifully Sharp Now, Just As I Remember Them Being Years Ago

durable productsemiluffy

24. Bought A Set Of Silicone Resealable Bags 4 Years Ago And They’re Used Every Day And Still In Perfect Condition. Haven’t Thrown A Single Zip-Loc Away In All That Time!


25. These Cross Pens Were My Grandfathers From The 1960s. He Worked As A Test Fail Analysis Engineer For General Dynamics. These Pens Were Used To Try To Win The Space Race, And Now I Use Them Every Day As I Work To Follow In His Footsteps

durable productsRVCA_rocker17

26. Arkansas Traveler Tomatoes. Originally Purchased In 1970… 51 Years Ago. Buy Heirloom, Buy It Once


27. Just Got Done Detailing My Grandpa’s 1971 Schwinn Racer! These Bikes Were Built For Life That’s For Sure!

durable productsWillisTheApe

28. A Customer Of Mine Finally Decided To Upgrade… Motorola Razr, Purchased November 2006


29. Barber Chair, 100 Years Old And Reconditioned!

durable productsdmburke007

30. Proudly Bought It With My Paper Route Money 50 Years Ago Because It Was The Heaviest One :) Good Choice – Still Works Perfectly. Audition, Made In Hong Kong