40 Durable Products That Work Forever By ‘Buy It For Life’

11. Here’s The Before And After Finished Product On My $5 Allen Edmond’s. These Bifl Shoes Were Destined For The Dumpster But I Was Able To Bring Them Back To Life. The Dye Color Is Uneven Between The Left And Right, But I’m Just Gonna Let It Bug Me For A While Until I Get Around To Fixing It

durable productschadlikemad

12. My Grandmothers Wedgewood Oven. At Least 70 Yrs Old


13. Bifg (Buy It For Generations): My Viking Husqvarna 21a, From Early 1960’s. Belonged To My Grandma. My Son Is The 4th Generation To Use This Machine… Spending Quality Father-Son Time Teaching Him How To Sew Useful And Beautiful Things That Will Also Last A Long Time

durable products3LlamasInATrenchCoat

14. These Russian Valenki Felted Wool Boots, Made Entirely Out Of Hardened Wool That Served Me So Well Here In Texas In Ver The Past Couple Days. No Soles, No Form, Basically Like Wearing Snow Proof 2 Inch Thick Hard Wool Socks. Had Them For 5 Years, No Sign Of Wear


15. Finally, All The Thrifting Has Paid Off


16. I Bought This Palette Knife Over 30 Years Ago And Have Created Countless Paintings With It

durable productsFamiliar_Big3322

17. Staplers?? Huh. Here’s My Tried, Trusted, And Tantalizing Cadet Model 302. Ain’t She Pretty?


18. It’s Time To Switch My Ipod Classic (2006) For Spotify. Have Been Using It Daily For 15 Years But Spotify Is Just Too Convenient. Rest In Peace Little One


19. Dr Martens 1460 (UK) Purchased 1992

durable productsshalpin

20. I Restored A Neglected Old Wrench. It Wasn’t Ready To Retire