Finest Castles of Spanish Gothicism

Gothic Architecture was quite popular in Spain for centuries, just like the rest of Europe, and some of the finest castles of Spanish Gothicism are proof of it. From the 12th century to the 15th century, Spanish architecture was under the huge influence of Gothicism. Many castles, towers, plazas, and cathedrals had traces of this specific architectural style. More importantly, during those times various ethnicities and religious groups existed in Spain. As a result, they mixed their own styles with Gothic which produced unique styles we can only see in Spain. Some of these unique styles are the Mudejar Gothic, the Levantine Gothic, and the Isabelline Gothic.

one of Finest Castles

One of the finest castles of Spanish Gothic is the Butron Castle in the Basque region. Aside from its style, the Butron is also unique because it is one of the only castles in Basque. The Butron Castle witnessed one of the bloodiest conflicts in Spanish history, between the Gamboinos and the Oñacinos families. Although the castle’s history goes back to the 11th century, it reached its final form during the 19th century when an architect started to rebuild it. The architect added battlements, cubes, and windows, and decorated the interior of the castle taking inspiration from Gothic and Romantic styles.

butron of Finest Castles

Aside from being one of the finest castles in Spain, the Butron transformed into one of the dreamiest as well. Through renovations, the castle acquired a fairy-tale atmosphere so much that even Kate Middleton wanted to have the royal wedding in the castle.

coca of Finest Castles
orite of Finest Castles
castle walls

One of the other finest castles of Spanish Gothicism is the Castillo de Coca in Segovia. The castle is also one of the most unique Gothic castles in Spain. This is because it belonged to the Mudejar people who blended their traditions with Gothic architecture. The Mudejar were the Muslims who stayed in Spain after the Andalusians left in the 15th century. The Castillo de Coca has been one of their most celebrated legacies in the country.

Castillo de Coca of Finest Castles from above
Castillo de Coca of Finest Castles building
the coca towers of Finest Castles
the castle exterior of Finest Castles
castle coca of Finest Castles window
the castle columns
Castillo de Coca dungeons