40 Durable Products That Work Forever By ‘Buy It For Life’

People share posts about the oldest but the most durable products on the subreddit called Buy It For Life. Take a look at some of them!

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1. Bought It In ’88 With Money My Grandmother Left Me. My Mother Was Upset That I Spent My Inheritance On Something As Ephemeral As A Bicycle. I’ve Ridden Thousands Of Miles On It, Including A Double Century In 2000. Now It’s My Townie Bike, For Shopping, Commuting, And Errands

durable productsCPetersky

2. Buy It For Multiple Lives! 1916 Singer 66, My Main Sewing Machine


3. Rolleicord 6×6 Film Camera From The 60’s Still Going Strong And Some Examples Of The Pictures It Makes

durable products8zil

4. Colman Snow-Lite Low Boy Cooler From The 60s. Gifted To Me From My Grandparents Who Picked It Up From A Thrift Store Nearly 20 Years Ago. Still Holds Ice For Nearly A Week!


5. My Great Uncle’s Watch That Lived Through Combat In Ww2. Wound It Up And It Still Works Perfectly

durable productspolarbeargirl9

6. Oregano – Mom Got A Piece Of An Oregano Plant From Her Aunt When I Was A Kid. She Transplanted Some To One House, Then Another And Another, Then To My Place, And Again When I Moved. We Have Never Purchased Oregano In My Entire Life. It Even Pops Up In The Lawn, Makes Grass Cutting Smell Nice


7. Was Told To Post My Grandparents Desk Here (228 Years Old)

durable productsthebobrup

8. Graphgear 500 Mechanical Pencil. The One On Top I’ve Used For 20 Years, The Other Is Brand New


9. My Girlfriend Uses This Sewing Machine To Make Masks. Her Great-Grandmother Bought It New Back In 1925. It Still Works Perfectly

durable productsarchpope

10. Lunch Box From ‘89. Thermos From ‘97. New Old Stock. I’m So Excited