50 The Best Delivery Drivers Who Give A Special Moment To People

41. UPS Driver Has A Sense Of Humor


42. My New Fedex Guy Keeps A Wilson Volleyball In The Window Of His Truck


43. My Dad’s A Mailman

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44. I’m Not Sure If You Will Be Able To See The Package Or Not But It Is Hidden Behind Some Sticks I Found


45. Just Another Day In My Hometown Of Anacortes, WA For The Local UPS Driver

delivery driversRockHopperPenguin

46. Southern Eastern Xpress, Guarenteed Overnight Delivery


47. Friendly UPS Guy


48. Good Guy UPS Driver. Guess Where I Was At 5:04

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49. This Delivery Dude Must Have Felt So Good After Leaving This Package At My Apartment Building


50. Happy Holidays From My Mailman Tony

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