50 The Best Delivery Drivers Who Give A Special Moment To People

We have been using delivery services at an increasing rate day by day. So, delivery drivers have had a bigger place in our lives. Sometimes we have special moments or funny moments with delivery drivers and some of these moments are memorable. Here are 50 delivery drivers who give a special moment to people.

1. Pizza Delivery Guy Stopping For 2 Minutes Of Silence

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May 4th is the National Remembrance Day in The Netherlands for those who have fallen in WWII and in later wars and acts of terrorism. At 8 PM there’s a 2 minutes of silence which is widely respected. Trains and trams hold still, as everyone else does. Including this pizza delivery guy.

2. I Get An Email Every Time I Get A Package Delivered To My Apartment’s Mailroom. It’s Supposed To Be A Photo Of The Label, But There’s This One Guy…

delivery driversdeadleaf_shrimp

3. To The UPS Delivery Driver In Covington Washington That Got My Son His Own UPS Truck For Christmas Thank You So Much


My kiddo has autism and is obsessed with them so this small act meant so much to him. UPS this employee is amazing

4. Amazon Guy

delivery driversSquare_Arch

5. My Husband Is A FedEx Driver. He Found A Lost Dog Today And Picked Him Up In His Truck. He Rode With Him Until He Was Safely Returned To His Owner


6. Due The Truckers Manifestations, Brazilian Gas Stations Are Out Of Gasoline. That’s How The Pizza Guy Came To My Neighbour’s House

delivery driversJacksFaith

7. My Friend’s Neighborhood Rafter Of Wild Turkeys Have Taken To Following The Mailman Around As He Walks From House To House, Like Some Kind Of Avian Pied Piper


8. Caring Mailman

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A week ago my dog Oliver had a stomach bug and could not eat his average food. Everyday the mailman would throw him a treat and we told him to hold off for a bit until he was feeling better. This was in our mailbox today

9. The United States Postal Service Doesn’t Play Games


10. For As Long As I Have Lived In My House, Always Thought The Mailman Was Very Nice. He Put This In The Mailbox

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