50 The Best Delivery Drivers Who Give A Special Moment To People

21. UPS Driver With A Sense Of Humor


22. Apparently The Regular Hand-Feeds This Dude Peanuts Every Day. I Was Wondering Why He Followed Me To 9 Apartment Doors And Then The LLV

delivery driversteh_booth_gawd

23. Mailman Brought My Girl A Special Treat


24. The Postman Saved Our Rabbits, Alice And Lilith, From Our Busy Road Then Left Us A Note


25. That Face When They Realize You’re Just A CCA With No Dog Treats And Not The Regular That Feeds Them All Of The Time

delivery driversslycon

26. You Wish Your Mailman Had This Much Swag


27. I Missed My Graduation Ceremony For My Undergrad Degree. Thanks For The Photo Cool Mail Man

delivery driversKcaithxiii

28. Pizza Delivery Guy Stuck In A Flooded Road, But Still Saves The Pizza. A True Hero


29. I’m Not Crying You Are


30. A Facebook Friend Of Mine Looks Like The Mailman From Rick And Morty

delivery driverspaulshnargas