50 The Best Delivery Drivers Who Give A Special Moment To People

11. Made A Delivery, Then Saw Who It Was For


12. The Mail Guy Hid My Package With The Pillows

delivery driversdeathbybrownies

13. As Requested


14. Fair Enough

delivery driversIamFane

15. Grandma Got This Christmas Card From Her Mailman


16. And The Award For Best Mailman Of The Year Goes To…

delivery driversMona_Cabbage

17. So My Dog Bit The Postman Earlier This Year… This Is His Christmas Card


18. Postman Shows Respect In The Rain For A Funeral Motorcade That Was For A WWII Veteran

delivery drivers


19. “Harmless” Rivalry


20. The Local FedEx Guys Always Keep It Real

delivery driversWilliam Newby Jr