40 Dangerous Designs That Are Terrible At Being Useful

21. I Mean The Potential Is There

dangerous designsWafflestompingpro

22. Warning Label Inside A Helmet I Received When We Rented 4-Wheelers


23. The Cannonball Loop Waterslide, A Slide So Dangerous It Was Shutdown Almost Immediately After Opening

dangerous designsmetricrules

24. Every Chair In This Resort Fits Through The Deck, And The Majority Of People Who Stay Here Are Seniors


25. This Will Probably Work Out Just Fine For Bicycles…

dangerous designsOskar2705

26. Step Out Of A Bathtub Down A Flight Of Stairs, Anyone?


27. This Architect Accidentally Built A Death Ray That Melts Cars And Fries Eggs… Again

dangerous designsbadsalad

28. In The 1930s You Could Buy Artificial Snow Made Out Of 100% Asbestos


29. Get A Bone Broken Every Time You Slide Down

dangerous designsGrantScib

30. Poor Guy