40 Dangerous Designs That Are Terrible At Being Useful

31. On The Floor Of Doctor’s Office. If You Trip On It, You’re In The Right Place

dangerous designssaya_doge

32. It Looks Nice Sure, But I Didn’t Even Know That Was A Real Extinguisher


33. That’s How I Broke My Leg

dangerous designsDis-Man-8

34. Food Aid Packages And Cluster Bombs, Both Dropped On Afghanistan In 2001


35. That Would Explain Why My Ankle Hurts

dangerous designsSpawnerMaster04

36. It’s Fine, Nothing To Worry About


37. Leaving Your Child In The Car Here

dangerous designsMolle2804

38. Dangerous-Design


39. Dear God…


40. Time For A Nice Refreshing Drink Of… Oh

dangerous designszekkybrick