30 Dads Who Didn’t Want Dogs In Their Lives

These dads didn’t want dogs in their lives at first. But now, as you can guess, they love their little furballs much!

1. And My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog

dads didnt want dogsPulkamania

2. My Dad Didn’t Want Us To Get A Dog At First. I Found This Picture In His Room


3. After My Dad Said “She’s Not Allowed On The Couch”


4. My Dad Kept Griping “I Don’t Want A Dog!” This Is How I Find Them Napping


5. My Dad Said He Didn’t Want An iPad Or A Dog


6. My Dad Would Never Admit How Much He Loves Our Old Dog. But After Finding This Picture On His Phone, He Doesn’t Have To


7. My Dad Really Didn’t Want A Dog, But Now Sometimes I Find Them Like This

8. My Dad Was Originally Opposed To Us Getting A Dog.. I Think He Changed His Mind


9. My Dad Who “Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With The Dog”


10. He Said “I Don’t Want A Dog.” Then He Said “I Don’t Want A Second Dog.” Yeah Dad, Ok