The Most Adorable And Wild Cats’ ”Murder Mittens”

People shared the most adorable and wild cats’ ”murder mittens” in a Reddit group and here are 30 of them.

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1. He Is Mine

murder mittensrazydreams

2. Void With His Murder Mittens


3. Rip Graybeard He Let Me Spoil Him For 12 Years. It Was A Privilege

murder mittensnixonw

4. Messi’s Massive Murder Mittens


5. 2 Day Old Murder Mittens

murder mittenswykyd_wytch

6. Izzy Just Discovered That She’s A Cat


7. Illegally Smol

murder mittensghettopaint

8. Holding Paws With A Side Of Claws


9. I Couldn’t Help Myself. I Had To Poke The Beans

murder mittensUnfortunateDesk

10. You Gotta Squint, But I Promise They Are There. I Also Felt Them In My Eyelid