30 Hilarious Bar And Restaurant Failures

21. Is Diet Ice Better For You?

22. Saw This At A Local Mexican Restaurant… I Think I’ll Wait

bar failsCarnivorousBeaver

23. This Restaurant Just Has A Framed Picture Where A Tv Used To Be

bar failstommyjoe2

24. The Modern Art In This Mexican Restaurant Is Just Breathtaking

bar failsacm44

25. Didn’t Expect This

bar failsRobSpurlock1

26. Paid $16 For This Caesar “Salad” At A Concept Restaurant Last Night

bar failsbrodakmoment

27. This Window Advertisement Left An Awesome Shadow On This Restaurant Patron

bar failslord_beef

28. Well, That’s One Way To Get More Men To Your Restaurant


29. Bill & Ann Clearly Believe That Honesty Is The Best Policy


30. This Restaurant In Paris Used A Dictionary To Translate The Menu

bar failsflamingtofu868