This Online Group Shares People Who Had One Job And Failed In A Funny Way

The subreddit titled, You Had One Job, is dedicated to capturing posts that people who failed in a funny way!

Here are our previous You Had One Job posts.

1. Ah Yes, I Must Be A Zombie To Be Filling Out This Insurance Application

one jobspiderman51241

2. Jesus Is Working Hard Today


3. Two Teams Of Builders Building A Bike Lane “On The Right Hand Side” (Mariupol, Ukraine)

one jobSXFlyer

4. Then What Does It Do?


5. Have A Good Die!

one jobonlyuseful

6. Found This Gem


7. Somewhere In Australia Maybe

one jobhuh_danny

8. The Person Making The Sign Was Probably Smoking


9. “Do Not Double Stack”

one jobDriziana

10. Why Stamp The Expiration Date On The Bag When You Can Just Mark The Bun Directly?