‘Ugly Irish Houses’ Account Shares The Most Awful Houses

The Instagram account named Ugly Irish Houses shares photos of the country’s homes that have awful designs.

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1. Yes, Every Room Is From The Same House

2. The Floor Is Lava

3. So Many Questions, So Many Whys…

4. The Splash-Backs Are Back! I’ll Never Get Enough Of These..

5. I’m Lost For Words, For Once..

6. This Is How I Imagine Everyone With A Range Rover Evoque Lives

7. Stop Wanting To Live In Castles.. Just Stop It

ugly irish houses

8. Before You Ask, Yes.. All Of These Pictures Are From The Same House.

ugly irish houses

9. There Was A Time In This Country When Only Proper Hobnobs Had A Bordeaux Bathroom Suite.. This Is Pre Celtic Tiger Opulence, This Is 1980’s Fianna Fáil Donating, Quite Likely Race Horse Owning, Bling Bling.. Watch And Learn

10. Pure Class

ugly irish houses