30 Hilarious Bar And Restaurant Failures

Have you ever seen a funny restaurant sign? Here is a compiled list of hilarious bar and restaurant failures.

1. This Italian Restaurant In My Hometown Is Really Italian


2. They Can’t Be Accused Of False Advertising

3. The Sushi Restaurant That I Went To Accidentally Put A Picture Of USB Sushi On Their Menu

funny bar failsPainOnTap

4. My Local Mexican Restaurant Won The Best Italian Restaurant Award

funny bar failsZokoro

5. Took This After Lunch At The Restaurant. At Least The Irony Is Delicious

funny bar failssndebrosse

6. A Friend Of Mine Called A Restaurant About A Spelling Mistake On Their Sign. And They Changed It


7. Smart Salad Bar


8. This Indian Restaurant Was In A Basement, But Wanted To Created The Sense That It Wasn’t. They Created An Entire Wall Of Fake Windows Looking Out Into Pictures Of A Parking Lot


9. This Restaurant Uses Semi-Transparent Frosted Glass For Its Bathroom Stalls


10. Apparently Somebody Accepted This At A Bar. A For Effort