60 Awful Things That Make People’s Day Terrible

41. My Halloween Decorations Got Eaten By A Moose This Morning


42. That Is My Worst Dream Right There


43. Accidently Closed A Fish Oil Pill In My Laptop… Laptop Breaks But Liquid Gel Doesn’t


44. Wake Up To Frozen Vomit All Over My Car From The Balconies Above! … And A Flat Tire! Happy New Year!

people having worse dayhmp20

45. Buried A Friend In The Sand And Throw Potato Chips Around His Head – Then Came The Seagulls


46. Just Saw Someone’s Bag Drop Off A Trailer At Dublin Airport


47. Someone Appears To Have Lost Their Focus

people having worse dayhuman-redditor

48. He Looks Like Doughnut


49. This Happened When Security Guard Used Pepper Spray On Soccer Fan That Was Holding Flare

50. So My Buddy Fell Off The Roof The Other Day

people having worse daySmooth_McDouglette