30 Times People Had The Most Unfortunate Fails

These 30 people lived the most unfortunate fails and they are amazingly bad and funny.

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1. Hi, I’m Calling To Start A Claim -My Car Is Flooded. Oh, I Don’t Have Flood Coverage? In That Case, It’s On Fire

unfortunate failsstarbug311

2. Awful


3. When It’s Your Stop And The Doors Open To This

unfortunate fails9999monkeys

4. Oh No


5. I Won’t Name Names But Looks Like Someone Ate Their Mom’s Lipstick

unfortunate failsOpal_L

6. Guess What Kind Of Animal Nonchalantly Pushed My Mug From The Table


7. The Coffee Maker That Saved My Life A Week Ago

unfortunate fails-Firestar-

8. I’m Not A Big Fan Of Ballet. But My Wife Said It Would Be An Unforgettable Experience. It Was


9. Someone Flying Out Of DFW Is Going To Have A Rough Time In A Few Hours

unfortunate failsmrplinko

10. I Accidentally Ripped Out My Eyelashes An Hour Before I Got Married