60 Awful Things That Make People’s Day Terrible

21. Always Put Paint In The Boot


22. Think You’re Having A Bad Day?

people having worse day

23. Someone Forgot That MRIs Are Giant Magnets


24. My Cousin’s Legs After A Day In The Sun In Ripped Jeans


25. The State Department Nailed My Girlfriend’s Passport

people having worse dayreece1

26. I Was Out Skydiving And… F*ck! My Keys!


27. My Buddy Traveled Across The Country To Visit Me Last Weekend. Unfortunately, He Got Stuck In His Hotel Shower For 3 Hours. Shout-Out To Julio For Helping Out A Man In Need

people having worse daywilsononreddit

28. My Stress Ball Just Exploded


29. So The Person Driving In Front Of Me On The Highway Today Didn’t Close His Toolbox All The Way

people having worse dayJagerjj

30. My Sister Made Some French Fries