40 Times People Create Amazing Crafts

21. I Painted A Whole Bunch Of Rocks During Quarantine!

amazing craftsedgewoods

22. This Is My Favorite Thing I’ve Ever Made Wisteria Mobile In Felt


23. Finally Finished This Dress!


24. My Quarantine Project: I Painted A Mandala On An Old, Beat-Up Table


25. Needle Art – I’m Currently Going Through Ivf. This Is What My Husband Made Me Using My Discarded Meds. Got Me Laughing

amazing craftsgizmyniz

26. This Octopus Candle Holder That My Sister Hand Made At Her Pottery Shop


27. DIY Tree Of Life Suncatcher

amazing craftsamusingbush

28. My Wife Presses Flowers Then Creates Pieces Like This. I Love This One


29. For Those Who Enjoyed My Fox Paper Sculpture … Here Is His Pal, The Fawn! Hanging Sleepily In The Nursery

amazing craftsHilarykc7

30. Can’t Afford A Backsplash So I Painted One!